Another 30-degree tiling

The following transformation shows how 20-degree pieces can be used to create another version of the Other 30-degree tiling.

The 30 degree tiling has one diamond, 3 triangles, and two squares. This design has changed the diamonds to be a little fatter and a little thinner than the normal 30 degree diamond.

Likewise, the squares are fatter and thinner than the original squares.

Finally the yellow triangle became a yellow and a blue triangle.

This tiling demonstrates that the 30 degree tiling is not a rigid structure, but has some freedom in the angles in the design even when all the sides are held rigid.

The following shows the diamonds D0 to D3.

PDF version (28 KB)

The following shows the green and purple triangles GT0 to GT3 and PT0 to PT3.

PDF version (45 KB)

The following shows the yellow and blue triangles YT0 to YT3 and BT0 to BT3.

PDF version (46 KB)

The following shows the red, pink, and orange squares RS0 to RS3, PS0 to PS3 and OS0 to OS3.

PDF version (66 KB)

 The following shows the wheel that emerges at every vertex as the design grows, W0 to W3.

PDF version (206 KB)

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